Head of UGCC to scouts: “To become human, one ought to learn to love – love God and Ukraine”

It is a special and heartwarming moment for me. I was able to trace my great precursors, metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky and in loving memory of patriarch Lubomyr, coming up this mountain to this plast’s camp “Sokil”. I thank God for making my way so I could visit you today, to be together, to pray together and think how to form, first of all, our own souls, our Ukrainian youth, how to build our free and independent Ukraine.

Father and Head of UGCC His Beatitude Sviatoslav said about it in his homily at the Hierarchial Divine Liturgy for scouts at “Sokil” camp, Subcarpathia. Archbishop Volodymyr, Metropolitan of Ivano-Frankivsk and Bishop Joasaphat, bishop-auxiliary of Ivano-Frankivsk co-served with him.

“I would like to take a chance and pay respect and absolute support to the Ukrainian Plast. Once, His Beatitude Lubomyr to all present here said that the most fundamental task of his life he considered to be a Human. I reckon that, probably, in a due time Ukrainian Plast took this strategy close to the heart”, the preacher proceeded.

From his perspective, to be a Human means to learn to love, - love God and a neighbor. “once we learn to love God and Ukraine, then we will be able to become true people, who are healthy in their bodies and souls; whose love is steady, tested and real. So, I think that right here, on this land we feel in what way Church and Plast have to work together and keep a track so to ensure Ukrainian young people with an opportunity to learn loving”.

Once a worried girl came to His Beatitude Lubomyr and asked him: “Your Beatitude, how is this possible for me to learn to love?” To what he responded: “Young lady, you ought to try”. I guess that such kind of camps gives youngsters an opportunity to try to learn loving, respect each other, love the ones who, being close to us, devote themselves and their time, their attention. To learn loving God through our parents, mentors, teachers, and Ukraine through this land where you are standing on, through these mountains and nature around us”, His Beatitude Sviatoslav said.

Head of Church assured the scouts: “I am a comrade and friend of yours, who wants to step with you, as I also want to learn to love God and Ukraine. I believe on this way we will help one another, lending a helping hand. I want to assure you that UGCC is your mother and it embraces you and is ready to give you everything you need. I was pleased to hear that here, at Plast’s camp “Sokil” the Divine Liturgy is served every day and almost all scouts receive a Holy Communion. It is a necessary nutrition in order to love. Because the one who consumes God, who is Love, has a power to love”.

After the Divine Liturgy, all prayed Panakhyda for scouts who gave their lives for Ukraine in ATO zone. “They testified the greatest love. The history of this plast’s camp indicates on entire generations of scouts who have been learning to love Ukraine. Not without reason, as soon as other occupants invaded, they prohibited Plast, as they realized that conscious Ukrainians emerged from there, and who are ready to sacrifice their own lives in the name of God, free and independent Ukrainian State. Thank all boys and girls who chose a way of becoming scouts, a way of learning how to strengthen body and soul. I thank all plast’s guides, instructors who took this great responsibility to bring up the next generations in love to God and Ukraine. I thank parents for entrusting their children to Ukrainian Plast”, His Beatitude Sviatoslav said.

The UGCC Department for Infrormation